Website Design and Development

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The two most basic types of websites you will find are Brochure websites and Ecommerce websites

Brochure Websites

A Brochure website is;
– The Website equivalent of a company’s or organisations information booklet or Brochure
– More dynamic than a Paper Brochure,
– Can capture customer information, display Video or Audio, Take Bookings, Reservations etc
– Customers find you through Search Engines

A easy test for whether or not your Business could benefit from having a Brochure website
is to search for keywords associated with your Business in the major Search Engines.

If your competition is in the top results, ask yourself, does it look like they’re getting business through their site? If yes, then you should be too.

What is the potential, what are you missing out on? You can find out. Use Google’s Keyword Planner,
which will tell you the average monthly searches for a specific keyword,
this will give you an idea of the market for your services/products online.

So you understand that there is value in having a site, but here’s an interesting statistic, the top 3 results on Google get 61% of the clicks.

ECommerce Websites

– Allow customers to purchase your products online
– Secure payment gateway with low processing fees
– Content management system, staff can update products