Kudo Internet Cafe is permanently closed

We recommend Chat and Net for all your internet cafe needs, click this google maps link for Chat and Net directions. https://goo.gl/maps/QjWUii6Ss2BSNFfu6 










A picture of the inside of Kudo's internet cafe and office located on 15 Upper Abbeygate Street

Kudo’s Internet Cafe is located in the Heart of Galway. Google Map Icon showing location to Kudo's internet Cafe

You can Print, Photo Copy, Scan, Laminate & Browse the Internet All in Galway City Centre

We offer quick typing service at €15 per page.

Beginner computer lessons held on request

Don’t Miss another Delivery! We can act as a parcel drop off point for your shipments, send your parcels to ‘Kudo Internet Cafe, 15 Upper Abbeygate Street, Galway’. Make sure your name is listed on your package, Bring ID and pay 2 euro to collect your parcel

Any questions, Email info@kudo.ie